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In addition to being one of New York’s leading actors, Mr. Page has been a celebrated acting teacher for 25+ years.

Since Patrick is a working actor with a busy career on Broadway and in film and TV, our classes are only offered a few times per year in order to accommodate Patrick's schedule.  While this is what makes our Studio unique, it means that our classes are in high demand and have a long waiting list.

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Meet the Faculty


Patrick Page Studio is designed for students of all different levels, ages, and backgrounds. Students will learn the exclusive Acting System taught in The Patrick Page Studio, and as practiced by Patrick. Many non-actors take the courses, as we also engage deeply with the moral, ethical, philosophical, historical and spiritual questions involved with acting.

"I’ve had the privilege of training all over the world in incredibly rigorous intensives.  Nowhere else have I had a training experience as simultaneously profound and practical as at Patrick Page Studio.  The studio is built not only to hold people to the highest standard of their craft and ability, but is also built to be a home. I recently did a run of 501 performances in To Kill a Mockingbird. I could not have repeated it with the level of play, joy, and depth I did without the lessons I learned here."

Arianna Stucki

First National Tour - To Kill a Mockingbird

Patrick is very special in his ability to create a safe space for artists to get back in the sandbox of their craft— a respite, a workshop, a playground. His patience, his insight, his whole energy foster growth and experimentation. I’m so grateful to have found his studio.

Stefanie Londino

North American Tour of Annie

"In just two sessions, I have learned more about the reading and understanding of Shakespeare's text than I did in two separate undergraduate courses (sadly, my graduate program offered none). As a young director, this course is essential to my development and your amazing generosity of allowing me to listen in is greatly appreciated."

Seth M. Honerman

Faculty, Minnesota State University

“Patrick never had a negative word to say about anything any of us did. He didn’t settle for second best either, but he knew how to get it with his own passion and love rather than frustration or disappointment. He discovered the play with us and helped us find the performances we all wanted, making the process one of mutual excitement, texture, and fun… I felt, ‘Wow. When can I work with this guy again!'”

Carson Elrod

Peter and the Starcatcher

I can't begin to express my gratitude to Michael and Patrick for holding this space and for the integrity and structure they bring to it. Thank you for bringing the same integrity to the virtual space as much as you both do to the studio space. I am grateful that while Patrick holds the highest of standards in class, there is also room to play, grow and make mistakes in a safe environment. It is the perfect space for artists to grow. I was very thirsty for this space. I'm sure others were as well.

Sarah Hutchinson

Company Member, Gilbert and Sulliavan players

It is so rare that we, as actors, get the opportunity to dive into a play as deeply and as meaningfully as we've been given the time to do with Learning Shakespeare. I'm so grateful for the freedom to have been able to mine the text without pressure to 'perform', but also to speak and experience it through the dual, complicated lens of both actor and scholar. Thank you again for always providing me and the other studio members with opportunities to expand our creative practices and continue growing as humans.

Kayla Eisenberg

Lilith in Pisces

“Patrick has this innate ability to be completely present with a person and understand their needs as an actor, and as a student. As an acting coach, he was instantly aware of the problems that I was dealing with, and he gave me the tools to navigate similar situations in the future, including in A Chorus Line. He is a wonderful coach, a wonderful performer, and above all a wonderful person because he cares about his craft and is passionate about the work and how it affects others.”

Heather Parcells

Tuck Everlasting

On my first day of class, I was intrigued to see that all of the students were at different levels of their careers. Some were just out of college or grad school, some had been auditioning and working for a number of years, and some were actually currently performing on Broadway. It was never a question of who was more talented or experienced, it was simply who was interested in learning, working, growing, and playing. It made everyone want to root for each other and makes the classroom a very warm and inviting place.

Adam B. Shapiro


“I believe Learning Shakespeare is saving lives. You have several students in the class who have written to tell me that their Sunday evening commitment to class is what’s keeping them hanging on. Thank you. It’s a great class, but it’s more than that. We have built an ark. I am so grateful to you.”

Mary Way

Artistic Director, Southwest Shakespeare Company

"I wanted to thank Michael and Patrick for hosting this class. Truly, it has been a light in this dark year for me and I'm sure fellow classmates feel the same. Hearing Patrick talk intricately and passionately about this text has certainly bettered my understanding of Shakespeare's works of art - that prior to this, was a struggle for me to break down. I know I still have quite the ways to go but I feel I am almost reignited in excitement for future work!"

Liam Zupp

Harbor Me

“Thank you for the transformative experience of Learning Shakespeare. It transported me in ways I could have never imagined and are too numerous to list here. As Patrick stated, reading the great works changes us as human beings, and this class certainly did so for me! You both took such great care of us, and your passions and commitments to teaching and facilitating were evident at every turn.”

Timothy David Rey

Chicago Shakes

I knew I had to take class with Patrick after seeing him in the original NYTW production of Hadestown and being floored by his spontaneity and life onstage. He makes adjustments with a careful and specific eye and is one of the kindest teachers I have ever encountered. He creates a safe space to explore while keeping the standard of work high. When I was feeling embarrassed by my vulnerability in a repetition session, he reminded me how lucky it is to have such direct access to emotions. It helped relieve me of so many hangups that were blocking me as an artist, and I think of him gently reminding me to find ease when I'm tensing up during scene work. I could not recommend working with Patrick + Michael enough!

Mary Malaney

Ogunquit Playhouse, The Public Theater of San Antonio, Greenbrier Valley Theatre

"This was probably the most formative class I have taken at the studio and I feel changed from these questions and from the journey we have collectively been through right now."

Ry Armstrong

Pete the Cat

"Get your butt off your couch and register for the Patrick Page studio!! It has been one of the best parts of my whole year. Just one day a week for four weeks. It will change you as a performer."

Julian Decker

Sunset Boulevard

Learning Shakespeare kept my artist soul filled up during the pandemic.  Patrick's spirit, honestly and kindness made me feel supported and challenged. He inspired me to look more deeply into the text, which led me to grow as a person. I can’t recommend the studio highly enough.

Shauna Bloom

Portland Stage Company

Due to Patrick’s evolving schedule — classes happen periodically and quickly sell out.

To arrange an interview for classes, please join the waiting list below. To receive updates about schedules, please subscribe to the newsletter.

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