Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch
Hilton Theatre

Production Created and Supervised by Jack O'Brien

Directed by Matt August

Awards & Honors
A note from patrick

“Patrick Page is delivering an extraordinary performance. The young ‘uns in the crowd might not appreciate just how good it is, but their accompanying adults certainly will. Mr. Page has brought his A game. He renders his portion of the tale 100 times better than you ever did at bedside story time.”

The New York Times
Niel Genzlinger

“The actor in the title role is truly ‘one of a kind’. Others could don the chartreuse shag suit and play the killjoy who hijacks the holidays from the neighboring Whos, but no one could play it better than Patrick Page. He’s got the perfect multicolored voice and mannerisms, and he knows just how thick to layer on the ham to make the Grinch come vividly alive. He lifts every scene.”

The Daily News
Joe Dziemianowicz

“He may be ‘as cuddly as a cactus’ and ‘as charming as an eel’ but Patrick Page in the title role slithers and slinks his way into being the most lovable Christmas villain of them all. This Grinch brings the Dr. Seuss classic fancifully to life — you might find your heart growing a few sizes too.”

The Associated Press
Julie Reed

“Patrick Page is back, giving a splendid performance as the Grinch. Page, who has all the commanding elegance of the late Cyril Ritchard, played the role last year. It now belongs to him.”

The Journal News
Jacques Le Sourd

“Much of the credit for keeping everyone delighted belongs to the superb Patrick Page. Buried beneath a ton of makeup and green fur, Page still has a wonderful connection with the audience — even throwing in a dead-on ad-lib now and then — and possesses a commanding stage presence.”

Brian Scott Lipton

“When Page steps downstage in front of a glittering curtain to deliver his solo turn ‘One of a Kind,’ he suddenly possesses all the reliable risibility of a rock god at the top of his form. The man now struts with the assurance of a full-fledged star.”

Talkin’ Broadway
Matthew Murray

“Patrick Page’s highly entertaining performance (complete with many seemingly improvised, amusing asides) helps make the show as enjoyable for adults as well as tykes.”

The Hollywood Reporter
Fran Scheck

“Patrick Page, now officially owns the title role. The Grinch that he pitches at us is a gleefully disagreeable old grouch, full of epicene overreach, mincing menace, and throaty theatricality. He is on perpetual pyrotechnic display.”

Harry Haun

“The production boasts a stylish performance by Patrick Page, who is such a natural as a child-loathing meanie that some director is bound to outfit him in a hook for battle with a boy who won’t grow up.”

The Washington Post
Peter Marks

“Patrick Page’s saucy star-turn still charms. His vamps and snarls have gotten even sharper, and he finds new softness in the scenes where little Cindy-Lou loves him in spite of his skullduggery.”

Mark Blankenship

“Patrick Page was born to play the Grinch.”

Broadway Stars
Ellis Nassour
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