The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Dom Claude Frollo
Paper Mill Playhouse

Directed by Scott Schwartz

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“The show’s center of gravity (with a capital G), though, lies in Page’s intensely affecting portrayal of the tormented Frollo. As his righteousness curdles into lunatic cruelty over carnal feelings for Esmeralda (whose hated Gypsy heritage makes her particularly forbidden), Frollo becomes like a one-man black hole, sucking away Paris’ light and life.

Of course, he decides it’s she who must be purified in a “Hellfire” (the title of Frollo’s disturbingly stirring signature number). And yet against all odds, Page elicits at least a little sympathy for this seeming monster of a man, a fact that’s crucial to making the show work.

His singular bass-baritone vocals (put to use in the earlier Disney shows “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King” as well “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” and numerous Old Globe shows) also are suited perfectly to the part.”

San Diego Union Tribune

“Patrick Page, whose deep, rumbling voice itself seems to convey villainy — particularly when intoning a line like “We are all born sinners” — is vividly horrifying as Quasimodo’s uncle, father figure and tormentor, Frollo”

“Arden’s fine work is more than balanced by Patrick Page’s Frollo, a holy man whose soul has been distorted by frustrated love and suppressed passion. Possessed of both classical technique and solid musical theatre skills, Page puts his enormous presence and low rumble of a voice to sinister use, creating a man torn between rectitude and desire, using his best silken manner to seduce those who stand in his way, and furiously condemning them to hell when persuasion proves fruitless. Even in stillness, his posture impeccably erect, his eyes focused on some distant shore, the actor’s face conveys the inner battle between impulse and control; when, in the number “Sanctuary,” he instructs Quasimodo in the treacherous ways of the world, we are given an elegant lesson in the twisting of an innocent mind. Unable to accept his lust for Esmerelda, he turns his rage on the world, displaying an almost psychopathic urge to destroy in the number ‘Hellfire.'”

Lighting and Sound America

“Patrick Page with his outstanding voice is equally impressive as Dom Claude Frollo, the villain Archdeacon of Notre Dame and Quasimodo’s protector”

The Examiner

“Of particular note is Page’s Frollo, whose nuanced performance makes “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Frollo’s tragedy just as much as it is Quasimodo’s.”

Neon Tommy

“At present, this production’s greatest asset is Patrick Page’s brilliant, multi-layered performance as Dom Claude Frollo, the priest who adopts Quasimodo and raises him to be Notre Dame’s bell ringer. His hateful actions, never clearly explained in Disney’s animated version, are here given clear motivation. Page slowly builds his character, turning a one-dimensional villain into someone all to believably human. His searing rendition of “Hellfire” is a genuine showstopper, and he makes Frollo’s inner torment powerful enough to keep this epic story moving to its harrowing climax.”

Musicals 101

“Patrick Page is able to modulate his powerful baritone voice displaying menace with a touch of vulnerability giving a stunning fully rounded performance.”

For All Events Reviews

“The powerful singing and performance of Patrick Page in the role of Frollo add immeasurably to the pleasures of Hunchback. His performance of “Hellfire” is strong stuff, both musically and dramatically.”

Talkin’ Broadway

“Page’s gradual descent into unmitigated evil is believable, complex and blessedly underplayed.”


“Page brings down the house with his wickedness-justifying anthem “Hellfire””

New Jersey Stage

“Page makes for an imposing Frollo, with an equally stunning voice suited to the chilling ‘Hellfire’…”

NBC News

“Page makes Frollo an intriguingly conflicted character suffused with a genuine complexity, and his powerful baritone voice is wonderfully showcased in such songs as “Sanctuary” and the showstopping ‘Hellfire.'”

Hollywood Reporter
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